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Brunvoll Takes Solar Leap: Investment Fuels Sustainable Future at Molde Factory

In 2023, Brunvoll chose to invest a double-digit million amount (in NOK) to install 7,400 square meters of solar panels at its factory in Molde. This investment will lead to an annual energy production of 1,350,000 kWh, equivalent to about 25% of the factory’s electrical power consumption.

“Brunvoll and our owners have a strong commitment to the communities in which we operate, and a clearly established sustainability strategy. Once again, we thank our owners for their trust in making these types of investments driven not by a financial perspective, but by a genuine desire to contribute to greener business operations,” says Group CEO Kåre Øyvind Vassdal.

More than 97% of Brunvoll’s energy consumption comes from electricity and district heating, both of which already have a low carbon footprint due to hydropower and biofuel. However, energy is not something we can waste, and this investment will help to reduce the dependency of conventional energy sources, lighten the strain on the power grid, and increase the share from renewable energy sources. Vassdal also does not rule out that they will do the same at the factory they have in Volda and at other buildings the company owns.

Photo by Ruslans Sinica / Bluetec AS.

"We have a lot of power-intensive industry and therefore choose to secure parts of the electricity we need in the future. That means taking social responsibility", says Vassdal.

The fact that the company produces its own power also contributes to power production in its home district. In total, Brunvoll’s yearly solar energy production will be equal to the electricity required to run about 70 residential buildings.

The solar power plant was delivered and installed by BlueTec AS in partnership with the installation company, HTL Elektro AS.

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