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Brunvoll Mar-El with 9 MW Charging System for Bergen Ferries

Brunvoll Mar-El will deliver the onshore charging system for the Bergen area fast ferries, more specifically on the Knarvik-Bergen and Kleppestø-Bergen routes. Brunvoll Mar-El has from earlier been contracted to deliver the electrical and hybrid system integration for the 3 ferries, and the contracts add up to both onboard and onshore system integration.

“Ferry operator Fjord1 is pleased to sign a common system integrator both onshore and onboard for these high-speed passenger vessels, and thus get optimal integration in the total system package," says Helge Asle Lundeberg, Managing Director of Brunvoll Mar-El.

Brunvoll Mar-El is a systems integrator in the market for power and weight optimized low-emission high-speed passenger vessels. With the new contracts, Brunvoll Mar-El moves from only delivering systems for vessels, to also being a ship to shore and quay side systems integrator. The facilities will be commissioned during 2024.

The charging capacity will be 5 MW in Kleppestø and 4 MW in Knarvik, and the system at Kleppestø can in addition charge two vehicles simultaneously. The charging system will consist of charging inverters, cable towers with megawatt charging systems, and Brunvoll Mar-El's control system which handles the charging sequences and monitoring of the system. The Kleppestø solution will be delivered as a modularized container solution, with a complete technical room and pre-installed switchboards. Installation entails main switchboards and connection to transformer station and the local power grid.

Illustration of Fjord1’s new high speed passenger catamarans. The closest vessel will be a newbuild with low-emission propulsion system, and the two others will be retrofitted from hybrid to zero-emission. (Illustration: Brødrene Aa)

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