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Bridging Generations, Building Skills: Brunvoll’s Approach to Apprenticeship

A significant contribution to Brunvoll’s people development strategy is the apprenticeship model, which is used when recruiting skilled workers for the future. Since the company was established in 1912, Brunvoll has invited young talents to join the company. Including the next generations is inspiring, and young professionals are being given opportunities to build their careers at Brunvoll. We believe that mixing competencies and generations, challenging and developing each other daily, contributes positively to our organisational development.

In August 2023, we welcomed our largest group of apprentices ever – 22 across our Molde and Volda locations. 19 are part of the regular apprentice program, while three are partaking in the YSK apprenticeship model. YSK stands for “Yrkesfaglig fordypning,” which translates to vocational specialisation or vocational subjects. It is a part of the Norwegian education system where upper secondary (high school) students can choose a vocational track, gaining insight and experience in a specific trade or profession. These apprentices are often just 15 years old during their first year of apprenticeship.

Today, Olav Austrheim Stenså works as a Project Engineer in Marine Cybernetics at Brunvoll. When he first entered the Brunvoll offices, he was a 16-year-old YSK apprentice.

“I am a practical person and wanted to start working after secondary school. I was part of the second-ever group of YSK apprentices at Brunvoll, and I remember being very young, but our new colleagues took good care of us. I wasn’t really interested in assembly, but I was interested in technology and liked practical work like carpentry, and I liked alternating between school and work. After the professional test, I went into the Armed Forces, where I was in the Air Force for two years. I then went on to study cybernetics, focusing on the marine industries, and returned to Brunvoll’s Technical Department in 2023."

Today he is heavily involved in developing our Dynamic Positioning systems and various innovation projects.

"An apprenticeship is a great introduction to the working life for young people. It provides an arena where one can try, fail, master, feel that they contribute, and receive the support they need as a young worker. The opportunity to start working at a young age is important for those who are inclined towards practical work and do not wish to pursue further education. Many youths who have struggled in the past thrive when given this opportunity. The trade certificate opens many opportunities later in life and proves that you have mastered something. It instils confidence when embarking on adult life and makes you attractive in the job market.”

The apprenticeship period is an exciting and significant chapter in a young person’s life, and for many of them, it is their first encounter with the working world. Since 1968, Brunvoll in Molde* has offered more than 308 apprenticeships. 122 of these apprentices still worked here at the end of 2023. Currently, we aim at an apprentice share of 7,5%.

*Our Dalen and Volda locations also offer apprenticeships but don’t have their historical numbers.

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