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Mission, Vision & Values

Trust cannot be bought. It can only be obtained through good teamwork, and is earned through our customers’ experience with the Brunvoll brand.

We aim to deliver with precision, and to be known for building trust globally


We aim to improve our clients’ competitiveness by delivering systems and services giving reduced life-cycle costs, high operational reliability, and reduced emissions.

Brunvoll is a single-source supplier of complete Propulsion, Positioning and Manoeuvring Systems.

We provide service and support for the lifetime of the system.


With our vision «Trusted World Wide» we are clearly stating our passion for reliability.

Our strength and future success depends on our reputation as a reliable and credible business partner and employer.

For Brunvoll it is important that not only our clients, but also our employees and local community can trust us.

We aim to be a healthy, safe and exciting workplace. We will contribute to social responsibility while taking care of the environment by developing sustainable solutions.


Everything we do for our customers, for each other and for the environment, is based on our vision and values.

We have a strong culture that has given us a world-wide reputation as a leading supplier to the maritime industry.

The culture is all about the people at Brunvoll, and our ability to create and maintain values.

For Brunvoll it is important to maintain a culture that embraces and boosts enthusiasm for professions and development, diversity and equal opportunities, including precision and reliability.

Our values are guidelines for culture building, and help us make good and correct choices.

To handle future challenges, we aim to develop both people and products continuously. 


Brunvoll delivers premium products and services of high quality. We pay attention to details. We take responsibility, we are loyal and aim to be a long-term partner working continuously for future competitiveness for our customers.

Through focus on precision and quality for more than 115 years Brunvoll has achieved a solid reputation as a market leader in our segments of the maritime industry.


We are committed and motivated. Our competent and creative workforce put their pride in finding the best and most future-oriented solutions in cooperation with our customers.

We support a culture of sharing where we coach each other, and continuously develop our collective pool of competence.


We focus on sustainability, and we are determined to take responsibility for the future.

We aim to maintain Brunvoll’s legacy to the benefit of our customers, employees, owners, business partners and the community.

Our products and services provide our clients with improved competitiveness through high operational reliability, lower energy consumption, reduced lifetime costs and sustainability.

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