Business Concept

Our business concept is to design, manufacture and support systems for propulsion, positioning and manoeuvring of advanced, seagoing vessels.

We are a global and well recognised brand in the maritime industry, where we have established strong market positions in our key market segments. Brunvoll’s customers include many of the leaders in design, building, operation or ownership of advanced vessels.

Performance - defined by Brunvoll

Technical skills and energetic entrepreneurship are sometimes regarded as conflicts of interest. However, we believe that a balance of technical and business skills is vital to getting the job done. This attitude starts with a commitment from the top management. It is shared by all our people. It is an unshakeable part of our tradition.

We do not concentrate on financial aspects at the expense of technical excellence – or the other way around. We have only one focus, which we believe is the key to our success today and in the future: the needs of our customers.

Your Sustainable Business Partner

Our main goal is to give our customers increased competitiveness by providing systems and services with reduced life-cycle cost and increased reliability. Minimising our footprint supports our common strive for a more sustainable maritime industry.

We aim to generate steady and healthy long-term growth and profitability, based on our business concept. Our efforts to reach this goal will be guided by our policies for Health, Environment and Safety (HES), Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.

The development of processes, products and services

New products and services

The green shift and digitalisation are in focus in Brunvoll's innovation and development of new products and services. We will continue to develop energy-efficient propulsion solutions for vessels with gears and propeller and for vessels with azimuth thrusters for propulsion.

We will also pursue possibilities for new niche products. With regards to automation, we will develop systems for automated positioning and voyages, as well as the Brunvoll Expert Condition Monitoring System. An extended use of operational data will be crucial in the further development of both products and services.  

Production in Norway with advanced robotisation of complex work tasks

Our modern and state of the art production facilities can handle complex work tasks and we will continue to invest in advanced robotisation.

We are proud to produce in Norway. Our strong belief is that our “Production-in-Norway” strategy helps our clients benefit from the proximity between each link of the value chain.

Cyber threats

While digitalisation provides great opportunities, it also presents challenges – especially cyber threats.

Brunvoll will highly prioritise the protection of customers and the company against attacks, and we will be cooperating closely with our customers to meet their cyber security requirements.

Through systematic work in all parts of the company, we will strengthen our position and recognition as a supplier of products and services with world-class quality and precision.

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