BruCon (pdf)
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Modular Control, Alarm and Monitoring System for Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion.

Brunvoll Mar-El Control Alarm and Monitoring systems 09.2018 (pdf)
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Manoeuvre with ease and accuracy. Control, alarm & monitoring systems.

Brunvoll Product Range (pdf)
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Brunvoll Propulsion, manoeuvring and positioning 11.2018 (pdf)
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Propulsion, positioning & manoeuvring.

Brunvoll 主推进 定位和操纵 Chinese version (pdf)
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主推进 定位和操纵

Complete Thruster Systems (pdf)
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Complete Thruster Systems - for any kind of ship

Cruise (pdf)
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The World’s No.1 in Cruise Ships.

Merchant (pdf)
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Trusted in the Merchant Fleet for 50 years.

Offshore (pdf)
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Trusted world wide for reliability and high performance in any offshore application.

We are a global and well recognized brand in the maritime industry, where we have established strong market positions in our key market segments.

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