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Trusted for shock qualified naval manoeuvring solutions worldwide

Brunvoll's robust design and attention to details support trouble-free performance, and the handling of challenges of naval operations. Brunvoll’s in-house process combines cost efficiency with high quality. Lifetime service and support.

Brunvoll has made a substantial investment in naval applications over the years and was first with shock-qualified retractable azimuth thrusters. Brunvoll solutions are found in navy vessels ranging from aircraft carriers to frigates, destroyers, patrol vessels, coast guard vessels and naval support.

Shock Qualification of Thruster Systems

Elastic deformation, resilient mounting and rubber isolation provide shock absorption in compliance with naval specifications. Mechanical reinforcement and the choice of materials are key factors in the design.

Brunvoll has a wealth of experience in developing shock-qualified solutions for:

  • Retractable azimuth thrusters
  • Tunnel thrusters
  • Combined retractable azimuth and tunnel thrusters

Brunvoll Shock Qualified Thruster System

We are a global and well recognized brand in the maritime industry, where we have established strong market positions in our key market segments.

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