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Integrated Control, Alarm and Monitoring System


Integrated Bridge Control System

BruCon 4 in use Brunvoll 1600x600

BRUCON 4 integrated bridge control system for all types of propulsion and maneuvering systems with high level of redundancy with online condition monitoring.  


  • Joystick system available for all types of maneuvering systems.
  • Dual redundant system with integrated presentation in a high-quality touch screen for all manoeuvre systems
  • Customized and selectable user interface with extended information according to needs.
  • BruCon 4 makes it easier to identify any potential problem with the integrated condition monitoring system reduce after-sales service costs and maintenance effort.
  • As well as being a reliable stand-alone system, BruCon 4 provides easy integration with other monitoring and control systems.
  • There is no time lag between the command and the response or feedback signal.
  • BruCon 4 enables a fast and knowledgeable response to after-sales service questions.



  • For both single and multi thruster installations for maneuvering and DP, as well as for main propulsion units, whether azimuth units or propellers with rudders.
  • The automation system is designed, built and tested in-house by Brunvoll
  • The same HW modules are used for all configurations.
  • Variants are parameter controlled and are configured in SW.
  • The GUI is customized for each specific thruster configuration
  • Remote access is standard
  • Option with motor controlled levers and levers qualified for IP66
  • Option for hardwired back-up control for all control stations
  • Options for extended CMS
  • Type approval from DNV GL. 

The 4th generation control, alarm and monitoring system


GUI on touch screen

  • Standard modules customized GUI for each project
  • Self-developed user interface

The Control Levers

  • Brunvoll custom design
  • In-house manufacturing and testing of the control lever


  • Dual redundant system topography
Brucon GUI on Touch Screen

Automation Systems – Brucon-4


  • PLS-based control system in local control cabinets
  • Standard PLS-program
  • Standard control cabinets and hardware
  • IPC-based bridge control system
  • Software developed in-house
  • Linux-core for all controllers developed in-house
  • Redundant Ethernet and CANBus networks
  • Touch-screens
  • In house manufacturing of Brunvoll-lever with electronics
  • In house manufacturing of interface-electronics
  • Ethernet communication from/to local control cabinets
  • Redundant Ethernet and CANBus network
  • «Hardwired» backup option
  • Great flexibility for communication with other systems (Modbus, CAN, NMEA etc.)
  • Remote access
  • Option for logging of operational data
BruCon 4 in use Brunvoll 1600x900px

Control System for
Main Propulsion

NEPTUNE II CPP advanced control alarm system for propulsion of vessels equipped with controllable pitch propellers (CPPs), either with gear box and clutches or a directly driven propeller.

Brunvoll Neptune II Azimuth Propulsion Conro System 1600x900px
The Brunvoll system meets the demands for all kinds of configurations. Neptune-II CPP is the perfect alternative for both new builds and retrofits of most known CPP vendors, with both standard systems and custom designed solutions available.



  • High flexibility, redundancy and safety
  • Flexible user interface, either with advanced or standard user-friendly standalone panels  or Brucon 4 integrated bridge control system provides easy visualisation and operation of the system
  • Powerful features and custom options give increased flexibility and ease of use
  • Powerful software provides optimised power output from the propulsion system, ensuring optimum fuel and environmental efficiency

Triton CPP Control System

TRITON CPP control and alarm system for propulsion of vessels with controllable pitch propellers (CPPs).

The system is designed as a standard system with the possibility of selected options, making Triton-CPP the perfect alternative for vessels demanding a reliable, accurate and cost-efficient solution.



  • Easy to install - easy to use
  • Flexible standard system for manoeuvre stations, single or twin-screw applications and a selection of options
  • Compact and modular design with powerful features and custom options increases flexibility and ease of use
  • The system offers optimum control of propeller pitch, prime mover rpm and clutches
  • The independent back-up system for propeller pitch increases safety

Triton Azimuth control system

TRITON AZI thruster control and alarm system for azimuth thrusters, with interface to a wide range of thruster makers. Versions for CP-propellers and FP-propellers available


  • Easy to install - easy to use
  • Space saving control panels and flexible mounting
  • Retract function
  • Hardwired backup as an option
  • Custom designed solutions available on request

Triton Steering Gear

Control System

Brunvoll Mar-El Triton SG Steering gear control 1600x600

Triton Steering Gear control system

TRITON SG is a flexible control and alarm system for all types of steering gears with miscellaneous standard or custom designed panel solutions for follow up (FU), synchronized follow up (SFU) and non-follow up (NFU) of rudder(s).


  • The compact and modular design is easy to accomodate and space savings
  • Standalone indication system according to class rules included

    Triton SG 3Triton SGTriton SG 2

Brunvoll Steering Gear

Steering gear for up to 9kNm for one or two rudders. Product certificate if required from classification societies.

Thruster Control System

Brunvoll Neptune II Azimuth Propulsion Conro System 1600x900px

Thruster Control System

TRITON CPT and FPT thruster control and alarm system for tunnel thrusters, with interface to a wide range of thruster makers. Versions for CP-propellers and FP-propellers available.


  • Easy to install - easy to use.
  • Space saving control panels and flexible mounting.
  • Synchronisation of multiple thrusters
  • Up to 3 thrusters to be controlled from same panel

Neptune-II Azimuth control system

NEPTUNE-II AZIMUTH advanced propulsion control and alarm system for controllable and fixed pitch propeller in azimuth propulsion systems. Due to the flexibility and high level of redundancy Neptune-II is ideal for both new azimuths and retrofits of older azimuth propulsion systems.


  • Flexible control system for electric, diesel-mechanical or hybrid propulsion systems
  • Complex gear boxes and Z-drives with multiple PTO/PTI’s
  • Hot-backup system of pitch, rpm and rotation control secures high reliability and reduce risk of operator failures
  • Standardized or custom design of control panels

Joystick System

Brunvoll Mar-El Joystick Triton TS 1600x600

Triton JS

TRITON-JS joystick control system specially designed for high-speed and other twin-screw vessels with controllable pitch propellers, rudders and thrusters. The unique system allows for control of the entire propulsion arrangement from one single joystick, a feature commonly found only in larger and far more complex DP systems. Triton JS is the perfect choice both for new builds and retrofits. The separate and compact system offers a competitive alternative for easier manoeuvring, with custom design solutions available. The system features an interface to twin screw propulsion systems with rudders and thrusters, a low speed mode for easy control of propulsion and thrusters, a high-speed mode for control of propulsion and rudders, a three-axis joystick, as well as several options for fixed and portable panels.



  • The joystick simplifies manoeuvring, increasing operation efficiency
  • Easier manoeuvring improves safety
  • The system is cost-competitive
  • Portable control panels for cost effective solutions for control and monitoring in several control stations
  • Compact design frees up valuable vessel space

Emergency telegraph System

Brunvoll Mar-El Emergency Telegraph System Mercury ETS 1600x600


MERCURY-ETS is a visual and audible emergency order communication system between bridge and local control. The system ensures safe and easy communication if an emergency should occur.



  • 9 order positions (4 ahead, 4 astern and stop).
  • Visible and audible alert when new orders are given.
  • Backlight in texts with auto dimming.
  • Serial communication, i.e. easy to install and less cables.
  • Three buttons available for customer specified communication.

Pilot chair

Brunvoll Mar-El Control System chair

CAPTAIN’S CHAIR with integrated control, alarm and monitoring systems fully complies with the strict ergonomic requirements found in the NORSOK regulations. Every part of the arm and leg can be significantly sized up and down, allowing true accommodation.

  • The chair may be fitted with Personal Memory panel that allows up to four unique save slots for any combination of chair adjustments.
  • Miscellaneous chair options are available, like deck rail, adjustable headrest, intercom equipment, 180° rotation e.g. for double ended ferries, etc
  • All types of Brunvoll control, alarm and monitoring systems and other equipment from external suppliers may be installed in the chair.

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