Nor-Shipping 2022

Welcome to visit Brunvoll at Nor-Shipping. Please drop by just for a chat to catch up on what has happened since last time we met, or for a discussion about topics related to the products and services we can offer. We are present with a great team of people with deep knowledge and long experience eager to meet with you, and listen to the topics that is of importance to you.

Nor-shipping, 4-7 April 2022

Venue: Nova Spektrum at Lillestrøm, Norway

Brunvoll stand no. B05-19

For further details about the exhibition please see: Nor-Shipping

Prepared for the future

Our main target is to find the optimum system for the operation profile of the vessel

Daily discussions with ship owners and ship designers about system solutions fulfilling future functionalities have given us valuable insight in requirements, considerations, challenges and possibilities in system configurations. Evaluations regarding hybridisation, energy efficiency, optimisation, power and energy sources are always topics in ongoing projects for all ship types.

Brunvoll's core business

A Brunvoll System consist of Propulsion and Thruster systems optimised for the running profile of the vessel
Hybrid System Integration
Control systems from the BruCon Control System Platform
Commissioning and Service by the skilled Global Brunvoll Service team.

BruCon Control System Platform

One Control System Platform for all Propulsion & Manoeuvring units.

Fully scalable – fit all sizes from the simplest to the most advanced system configurations.

Easy user interface. Prepared for future fuctionalities.

Functions available

  • Propulsion Control
  • Thruster Control
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Auto-Crossing
  • Levels of autonomous operation (Seaops is coming)

Visit our stand and get a demonstration of the Brunvoll Dynamic Positioning System

Contact persons

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Brunvoll AS
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Per Olav Løkseth

EVP Sales, Brunvoll Group

+47 900 27 063
Sales & Marketing
Brunvoll Volda AS
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Geir-Arne Kaspersen

VP Sales, Brunvoll Volda AS

+47 918 93 252
Sales & Marketing
Brunvoll Mar-El AS
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Bjørn Svendsen

VP Sales & Marketing, Brunvoll Mar-El AS

+47 959 64 155

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