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Precision is our passion

Brunvoll's culture has developed from strong, local communities since 1912. Throughout the years, the Brunvoll culture has been shaped by unique know-how, competency and local entrepreneurship, as well as a culturally rich and sporty environment. 

Our culture is built on trusting people's ability to create and manage values. We wish to stimulate a culture that embraces uniqueness and that creates passion for development, innovation, technology, safety, production, installation, customer service, sales and management. Everything that makes us what we are. Our culture makes delivering precision possible. In everything we develop, say or do for our clients and for each other as Brunvoll colleagues. This is why we say: people first, then technology. 

At Brunvoll, we respect our clients' and each others knowledge and competence. This is a common set of values that makes us a winning team, leading Brunvoll towards our common goal; making Brunvoll the supplier of choice in all relevant market segments in the maritime industry world wide. By being future oriented, smart, willing to change, welcoming and sharing, we aim to be the most attractive employer in our industry. 

We aim to be precise, passionate, reliable and responsible.

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Vision: Trusted World Wide

Trust can only be achieved and earned through positive client journeys. Our long term vision is to be the supplier of choice in the maritime industry world wide. We aim to be trusted world wide. 


  • Precise
  • Passionate
  • Reliable 
  • Responsible


We are a global and well recognized brand in the maritime industry, where we have established strong market positions in our key market segments.

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